from diagnostic machine to interventional modality

Crowne Plaza in Amsterdam

Gershwinlaan 101, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Accreditatie aangevraagd bij NVVC en NVVR.


07:30 Early Bird Refreshment Course
including an Early Bird breakfast
Structured reporting
Case reading – meet the expert
09:30 Registration
including Coffee break
09:55 Opening A.C. van Rossum
Session I – Diastolic function Mod. L.H. Handoko
10:00 Mechanics M.J.W. Götte
10:30 Tissue mapping T. Germans
11:00 Coffee break
Session II – Evaluation of the atria Mod. R.L. van Loon
11:30 Acquisition & post-processing P. Bhagirath
12:00 Clinical implications International speaker
12:45 Lunch
13:45 Session III – Pulmonary hypertension Mod. A. Vonk-Noordegraaf
13:45 MRI-assessment of the right ventricle M. van de Veerdonk
14:15 MRI-augmented cardio-pulmonary exercise testing International speaker
15:00 Coffe break
15:30 Interactive live-case
17:00 Wrap-up M.J.W. Götte
17:15 Reception
Meet & Greet